Complex Ecological Decisions” is a member of 3RGROUP. The main directions of activity are a conduction of laboratory and instrumental tests and measuring for starting up of capital buildings and reconstruction, engineering and environmental surveys, studying of areas for construction, the development of sections of project documentation, coordination and supporting of documents.

The mission of “Complex Ecological Decisions” is a complex ecological supporting of construction projects, a competent independent assessment of sanitary-and-epidemiologic situation!

Complex Ecological Decisions” company offers a wide choice of services:
• carrying out of tests, measurements (tests)
• starting up of capital buildings
• engineering and environmental surveys and testing before construction
• the assessment of ecological situation according with the standard “ Ecological Passport”
• complex ecological inspection of apartments, cottages, country houses, earth grounds (lands)
• a manufacturing inspection
• an ecological monitoring

The main advantage which you can appreciate is that our customers get not only official documents (protocols, expert opinions) and their assessment but service, comfort, optimization of price and knowledge of our specialists.

The main tendencies of our activity are:

Realization of laboratory –instrumental measurements (tests) of physical factors:
• noise
• vibration
• microclimate
• time of reverberation
• hypogeomagnetic field
• aeration structure of air
• artificial illumination
• electromagnetic fields of industrial frequency 50 Hz
• electromagnetic fields of radiofrequency range
• electromagnetic fields of video screen terminals and computer screens

Realization of laboratory –instrumental measurements (tests):
• testing of water
• testing of air
• testing of soil (chemical, bacteriological and parasitological indexes) toxicological studies of soil (biotesting), determination of danger level.

Realization of radiation control:
• testing of buildings and earth grounds (gamma survey, effective balance of valuable activity of Radon)

Realization of thermal imaging inspection:
• inspection of buildings
• budgeting for conduction of laboratory instrumental tests for starting up of capital constructions with state financing
• engineering and environmental surveys and testing earth grounds (lands)
• starting up and reconstruction of capital buildings
• ecological monitoring of the environment from the effects of industrial enterprises
• assessment of ecological matters during all stages of construction
• industrial ecological control

Special projects:
• The certification according with the standard “Ecological passport”
• Electromagnetic protection « The master of shielding»
• Recycling of waste paper

Our company is ready to offer the wide choice of ecological sanitary-hygienic services not only for big enterprises but for small companies

192029, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, prospect Obuhovskoj Oborony, 86, liter К, office 104.

Tel/fax: +7 (812) 346-56-59

e-mail: eco@3Rgroup.ru